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My first in-depth experimentation with dynamic soft body physics, Epic's Metahuman Creator, and Houdini Grooming. A scan of my face was used to create a unique Metahuman DNA that was then hand-animated in Maya before being sent to Houdini to generate an internal "meat gel", hair, and wires. 


Why the Face?

Using a 3D scan of my face, I created a unique Metahuman DNA in Unreal Engine to generate a full body, clean topology rig to be animated in Maya. 



The rig was then brought into Maya using Quixel Bridge to be and animated to generate buildup before the dynamics start. The skull was sculpted in Zbrush and the mechanical internals were designed in Shapr 3D, and rigged to follow the animation of the four skull pieces.


Simulating the Tear

In Houdini, an internal "meat gel" was generated by boolean-subtracting the skin surface geometry from the skull and spine volume. Both the skin and "meat" were prepped for tearing, and simulated in vellum to create a believable ripping visual driven only by the animation of the skull pieces.


Plans for the Future

I still plan on tweaking elements in this shot, as I feel it would benefit from a longer hair groom, 

allowing a more dynamic interaction with the movement of the skin. I plan on incorporating this project in my upcoming short film titled Tonsilstone. 

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